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Created on - 29 May, 2017

Echo findings in HOCM –


IVS hypertrophy

SAM – mechanism is venturi effect and drag forces within LVOT

LV and/or RV hypertrophy – asymmetric usually

LVOT Obstruction

Diastolic dysfunction

LV end diastolic pressure - elevated

Pressure gradient across LVOT with dagger shaped continuous wave doppler

Decreased LV cavity during systole

RWMAs may be present

Mitral regurgitation – jet peaking in late systole

Aortic valve flutter – may be present due to premature closure of AV due to LVOT obstruction

Elongated Anterior mitral leaflet

LV systolic function – normal hence EF is normal

Atrial dilatation- LA and RA may be dilated when MR is present

Pulmonary artery pressures – elevated.

- by Dr Amarja

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