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Model Case - IHD / CABG

Model Case - Mitral Stenosis

Tetralogy of Fallot

Aortic stenosis

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Ladies and Gentlemen… Boys and Girls,

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our website
Exams are nearing and its time to put up the show!
We are starting with the very important section "Case Discussion"
This will feature all the questions asked in viva
This will be an interactive section of this website wherein students
can send answers or can send questions as well
After a specific time limit I will answer the questions,
the answers which I find are best and most appropriate
Few of our esteemed Faculties are also with me to help you
All in all, the divine idea is you should EXCEL in your exams

What you have done during your tenure comes down to answering
in half an hour…therefore it is very important that you are precise and give your best …..

Here I am to help you out….

Dr Amarja


Join us!