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What are the benefits of Pulsatile Perfusion ?

Question: What are the benefits of Pulsatile Perfusion ?

Asked by: Sayyad Ali


Benefits of pulsatile perfusion are -

1)    Increase blood flow in microcirculation 

2)    Decrease release of baroreceptor reflex hormones, limiting vasoconstriction 

3)    Increases renal, cerebral, pancreatic flow 

4)    Decreases  SVR

5)    Changes in blood flow distribution

6)    Facilitates aerobic metabolism due to increase microcirculation 

7)    Attenuation of hormonal responses : Catacolamines, Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone, Antidiuretic hormone, Cortisol, Thromboxane, Prostacyclin.

8)    Increase in Lymphatic function 

9)    Increases capillary perfusion 

10)Increases RBC transit



- by Dr Amarja
on 2016-04-24

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